Olea’s Commitment to Socially Conscious Lawyering

by Charlene Quincey on March 19, 2009

in Olea LLP

Socially Conscious Lawyering to us means that we practice law with the goal of trying to improve accessibility, affordability, and environmental impact. Our online law office allows us to reach more clients across the state of Washington who, for many reasons, are unwilling or unable to seek legal advice or services at a traditional physical law firm. Thanks to advanced technology, accessing legal services through our website is as secure as online banking. This suggests that cyberspace is now very developed, namely the involvement of various platforms not only for contact or search, but also for full interaction with the other party. You can find more about banking or advocacy at professional rewriting service. We provide our clients with their own secure web page where they can conveniently access Olea attorneys using any computer with internet, an iPhone, a Blackberry or any other web based hand held device. By harnessing the convenience and efficiency of the internet we are able to communicate with our clients quickly, and during times when it is convenient for all of us.

We know first hand that lawyers are expensive. Many people refrain from obtaining legal services or from even asking a question for fear that it will be too costly. With these issues in mind we have designed our law practice to keep our overhead as low as possible and pass these savings on to our clients in the form of affordable legal services. We also provide all clients with an individualized quote for services before we undertake the work. You decide whether we should continue to work on the question. Unlike traditional law firms, where making an appointment to speak to an attorney can cost hundreds of dollars, Olea LLP clients register for free on our website to create a client account where they have secure and direct access to one of our lawyers.

Access also means that people understand the law. One of our main objectives is to educate our clients and non-lawyers about the law. There are many resources and tools out there that make the law more understandable and we want to share what we know and learn through our practice. We truly believe (in the spirit of Web 2.0) that if you give information/knowledge/resources away you will get them back two-fold.

Finally, we commit to keeping our footprint on the environment small. If you’ve ever worked with an attorney before then you know we can blow through paper like a hungry dog eats breakfast. However, we are extremely proud that our online law practice is almost completely paperless. In addition to refraining from using paper, our lawyers and our clients cut down on travel because we communicate online, not at a particular location. We also use less energy in our home offices because we don’t heat and power a separate building. These small measures add up over time and help decrease everyone’s environmental impact.

Thank you for your interest in Olea LLP. Again, we invite you to browse our site for a more complete picture of who we are and how we practice law or register to ask a question of one of our lawyers.


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cheryl m., greenville, nc, usa March 31, 2009 at 4:19 pm

Great statement, Charlene.!! Hope you are well. I think you and Katy have really done a great thing. Hope it goes well. Peace, Cheryl (Katy’s mom)…

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