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If you need legal help, or are unsure about something, or even just want to learn more about something, dissertation discussion chapter is ready to give you useful information that you can then share with others. Welcome to Olea LLP, a Washington State virtual law office. Olea reinvents the practice of law by using Internet technologies to improve accessibility, affordability, and environmental impact. Created out of our commitment to socially conscious lawyering, Olea offers not only traditional legal services but also aims to empower and educate by democratizing the law. More…

Charlene Quincey, Esq. is a partner at Olea LLP and is committed to providing accessible, professional legal services to individuals across the state of Washington. Charlene attended The City University of New York School of Law and interned at Ritz, Clark and Ben-Asher LLP, a prominent employment law firm and Bremer and Whyte, a large civil litigation firm in Southern California. Charlene has a passion for human rights as is demonstrated by her volunteer work with the Sierra Leone Project, The Toronto Rape Crisis Centre and The Domestic Violence Coalition.  Charlene’s inspiration for creating a virtual law firm stems from her belief in socially conscious lawyering, which necessarily entails making the law accessible to all people. With very little overhead and the use of technology, Olea LLP is able to offer clients legal counseling and services that previously may have been unattainable. Charlene looks forward to virtually working alongside her clients to help them realize their specific legal needs.

Kathryn C. Sheehan, Esq. is a partner at Olea LLP and aims to empower people to be their own advocates by providing affordable, quality legal services and helping to reduce the elitism that saturates the legal profession.  Katy attended the City University of New York School of Law because the mission to teach law in the service of human needs fit with her professional goals.  She returned to Washington, her home state, and became licensed to practice law as a member of the Washington State Bar in 2008. She has worked with many types of organizations from community groups, (Global Exchange and the Ella Baker Center), to policy organizations, (National Employment Law Project and the League of Women Voters of Washington), to the more traditional law firm, (Center for Justice).  This diverse background informs Katy’s holistic approach to the practice of law.  She looks forward to working with and learning from her clients as they navigate legal issues together.

Licensing: To ensure our status as practicing attorneys licensed with the Washington State Bar Association please enter our full names into the WSBA’s official lawyer directory at http://pro.wsba.org.

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