Tradition and Technology Meet Online

Charlene and Katy in front of the Brooklyn Bridge

Social consciousness and a desire to make legal services more affordable are what led CUNY alums Charlene Quincey and Katy Sheehan to launch Olea LLP, a virtual law firm. while they share a common vision, their lives are far apart, with Quincey living in Toronto, Canada, and Sheehan in Washington State.

“We knew we wanted to work together to make legal services accessible and affordable, and we knew that develop ing technology made that possible,” said Sheehan. “without a bricks-and-mortar office, we have very little overhead, and we pass these savings directly on to our clients,” explained Quincey…read more

Law-Related Blogs in Washington State

Olea LLP is listed under the Estate Planning section of University of Washington School of Law’s list of Law Related Blogs in WA State.  In addition to estate planning Olea offers many other legal services as well.

Virtual Law Office

Some lawyers are now conducting some or all of their practices on the Web. They still have to be licensed in the state where they practice, of course, but more interactions with clients are electronic.

Olea LLP, a firm formed by two recent law school graduates is an example. Charlene Quincey and Katy Sheehan, classmates at City University of New York School of Law, are both members of the Washington bar and serve Washington clients — but one lives in Olympia and the other lives in Toronto. They use software from Virtual Law Office Technology (VLOTech) to protect files and communications…… read more

Virtually Legal

Bricks and borders place no restrictions on the growing wave of virtual lawyers

By Alison Arnot, June 2009

Virtual Assistant

Charlene Quincey, a Canadian living in Toronto, and Katy Sheehan, an American living in Washington State, both graduated from the City University of New York School of Law and wanted to work together. But they figured the distance would make that impossible. “We started to do some research, under the assumption that Charlene would move out to Washington,” says Sheehan. “Long story short, Charlene discovered a virtual law firm, and we decided to give it a try.”

Their firm, Olea LLP, “went live” in March 2009, offering a variety of legal services, including estate planning, wills and trusts, small business setup, contract and document review, legal research, and family law services — all online through a secure Internet connection from the Olea website……read more

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Charlene Quincey: The virtual lawyer

Il y a plusieurs façons de travailler à l’international, mais Charlene Quincey à une formule vraiment originale : de son loft à Toronto, elle pratique comme avocate dans l’État de Washington! J’ai rencontré Charlene sur Twitter il y a quelques mois et j’ai immédiatement aimé le ton de ses micro-billets. En parcourant son site, j’ai réalisé que Charlene était canadienne et que son « terrain de jeu » professionnel était virtuel. Elle a gracieusement accepté, malgré son horaire très chargé, de répondre à mes questions. L’entrevue comporte deux segments : le premier s’intéresse à son parcours académique alors que le deuxième tente de cerner les nouvelles frontières de la pratique professionnelle émergente déployée par Olea LLP, son « cabinet virtuel ». L’entrevue à été réalisé en anglais.

Charlene Quincey is a Canadian lawyer practicing law in the USA by using Internet technologies through her virtual law office, Olea LLP…….read interview in English

Washington State’s First VLO: Olea LLP Press Release

April 8, 2009


Washington State attorneys Katy Sheehan Esq. of Olympia, Washington and Charlene Quincey Esq. of Toronto, Canada are thrilled to launch Washington State’s first virtual law office: Olea LLP Attorneys at Law.

Olea reinvents the practice of law by using Internet technologies to improve accessibility, affordability, and environmental impact. Created out of a commitment to socially conscious lawyering, Olea offers not only traditional un-bundled legal services but also aims to empower and educate non-lawyers through their bLAWg…….read more

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