Olea LLP offers their online clients many legal services including, estate planning, wills and trusts, small business set-up, contract and document review, legal research and family law services including; parenting plans, separation agreements, divorces and name changes. Remember, Olea LLP is not a ‘forms’ website, to better understand what we are talking about, we recommend watching a number of relevant films and reading movie critique examples. We are licensed attorneys who practice law through our secure online law office. All inquires made through this website will be answered personally by Olea lawyers, and all legal services will be performed by licensed Washington State attorneys. Quality and confidentiality will never be compromised.

Please log in or register to request a personalized price quote for your legal matter. Also, please note that since Olea LLP provides limited legal services pertaining to Washington State Civil Law, you alone will be responsible for filing any drafted forms or documents with the necessary entities in accordance with the deadlines provided by Washington State Law. As part of our drafting services, Olea LLP will advise you when, where and how to file your legal documents, but we will not do it for you.

For more information regarding the nature of limited legal services, read our Terms and Conditions.

Client Benefits:

Real Attorneys Working for our Clients: As licensed attorneys we tailor all legal documents to your individual situation. This is not a “fill in the form” website that generates mass-produced documents. We carefully craft and personally scrutinize all documents in accordance with WA State Law to ensure your specific needs are met. Whether we draft legal documents on your behalf or review documents already in your possession, we provide personalized legal services to our clients using convenient Internet technologies. Log in or register now!

Quality Legal Services that Cost Less: Our online office allows us to keep overhead low and that translates to lower costs for clients. When we don’t have a fancy office with big mahogany desks we save money and so do our clients.

More Access, Control, and Convenience: Each client has their own secure webpage where the attorney and client monitor the progress of a case, share documents, ask questions, and make comments or decisions relating to the case. Whether its time constraints or accessibility issues, physically meeting with a lawyer can be difficult or inconvenient. Our clients benefit by having the freedom to communicate with their attorney online when its convenient for them.

Legal Services in Washington State from Anywhere in the World: We practice Washington State law and long as you have an internet connection you can access our legal services from anywhere in the world.

Ask a Question: There is no such thing as a dumb legal question, but there are expensive ones. We invite you to ask legal questions on your own secure webpage. One of our attorneys will respond by telling you how much it will cost to research an answer. At that point you have the option to choose whether or not the attorney should begin research. You will be charged only after you have given permission. If we cannot answer the question or if it is clear that you need in-person advice (like for a criminal matter), we will refer you to an attorney or do our best to direct you to helpful resources, free of charge.

Lasting Relationships: Our commitment to clients is just as strong as if we were working in person. We build relationships with clients so that they continue to return for our services if and when they need them again.

Professionalism: The attorney-client relationship is governed by the WA State Rules of Professional Conduct. Olea LLP clients are no different. As clients of Olea LLP you are guaranteed not only strict confidentially, but also affordable, professional, and high quality legal services.

The Shy Client: We understand that coming to an office to talk about sensitive personal matters with someone you just met can be off-putting and uncomfortable. Our approach allows you to address your concerns in the privacy of your own home or office or wherever works for you.

A Greener Office: Our business keeps our carbon footprint as small as possible. We work from home and save on gas and expensive office upkeep, we use less paper and are committed to doing the most to consume the least. Clients also support a greener world by not driving to meet with an attorney, and consuming less paper by using electronic formats. This benefits us all in the long run.

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