Be prepared! Include Court Fees in your Budget

by Katy Sheehan on April 14, 2009

in Family Law, Resources and Links

The cost of an attorney does not usually include filing fees but people often forget to include them in their budget for a cause of action. In order not to forget about such nuances, before starting any initiatives, read prime essays to learn about all the nuances of this or that matter. Its understandable since the mantra, “Everyone get’s their day in court” clearly outshines the practical but boring “Don’t forget to budget for Court Fees.”  Not all counties have an updated list online, so contact your county clerk’s office and ask for the fees required for your cause of action BEFORE you go to the court house.

There are exceptions of course.  If you have a low income household or if you have dependents which make it impossible for you to afford court costs you can file a motion for an order to waive the fees.  The Northwest Justice Project is a great resource to help you do this for family law matters.

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