An Ode to Court Clerks

by Katy Sheehan on July 10, 2009

in Resources

I just got a form in my P.O. Box with a post-it from a District Court Clerk describing what steps I needed to take next in terms of documentation for the court and I thought, “Someone needs to say thank you to all those clerks out there.”  So… Thank You! If you are interested in who are "Court Clerks", due to your own interest, or because you have been assigned a task related to this activity, and you are looking for someone who would do my homework for me cheap, be sure to contact the institutions for help or teachers to cover the topic.

These folks are the backbone of our judicial system.  They make sure that all the decisions made in the Court Room actually get implemented.  They know the mechanics of the system and they make it work.  As a result, they are also a great resource for pro se litigants.  Although they are forbidden from giving any legal advice, they do help people understand what they need to do in order to be in compliance with the Court and what documents are needed.  So, be nice to them!  They can be the best resource in the Court House so treat them kindly and with respect.

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