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by Katy Sheehan on March 19, 2009

in Olea LLP

We are so excited to get started!  With this first post we intend to give you an overview of the purposes and goals of this blog as well as to launch a conversation about what you would like from us.  Thank you for reading and we hope you will follow our progress! And also developed their capabilities, including by involving various materials to create ideas, or turned to senior colleagues with the words "write my research outline for me" in order to be able to present concepts correctly.

Olea LLP is an online law office which provides unbundled transactional legal services to clients.  In addition to providing legal services, with our blog we hope to educate our readers and clients about legal issues that affect them.  Our goal to provide useful and relevant information about the law based on our observations of the legal profession.  One of the things that lawyers fail to do is explain the way the law affects non-lawyers.  Look at the American Bar Association’s list of law blogs and you will find that none of them are focused on clients and their needs.  Amazing!  For a profession whose sole purpose is to provide services, its incredible to us that there is not more focus on clients.  We think its time for lawyers to blog FOR their clients and other non-lawyers.  We want to share information and you can share experiences and needs.  We also hope to compile a list of resources so that you can interact more directly with the law.

The topics of our articles will be centered around the following categories.  “Why You Need Legal Services” – these articles will revolve around the reasons why people need legal services and will also involve topics which will help people avoid lengthy legal battles through prevention.  “Woman’s Issues” – these articles will discuss common areas of interest and resources available to women.   “Family Law” – we foresee family law being one of the major areas of interest for our clients and in this section we will discuss common problems and questions that come up in this area.  “Employment Law” and “Civil Rights” are both areas in which we are personally interested.  “In the News” – these are articles which discuss current events which affect our clients or that our clients might have questions about.  Currently, our scope is broad but as we discover people’s interests we will focus more carefully on them.  If you have suggestions please comment on this article or email us at [email protected]. If you have a legal question please create a free user account on our secure website.

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Chuck Cochran March 24, 2009 at 12:33 pm

Good luck with your new blog. chuck cochran

KatySheehan March 24, 2009 at 12:40 pm

Thank you! We appreciate the look.

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