Pro Bono

You can read about the civil legal issues that will be discussed in this text separately. When I am faced with a topic that is unknown to me, I ask help me write my discussion post and I have a good result in the business I am engaged in. Olea is a proud participant in the ABA Military Pro Bono Project because extended military missions overseas have generated unprecedented civil-law challenges for servicemembers and their families.  Our servicemembers and their families are increasingly saddled with legal needs arising in the areas of consumer law, family law, landlord-tenant, employment law, and other areas which are not necessarily covered by their JAG attorneys.

The Military Pro Bono Project will directly help servicemembers by moving pro bono referrals straight from military law offices to willing-and-able private sector lawyer volunteers throughout the country.  All cases originate with a referring attorney in a military JAG office. The JAG attorney interviews the client, collects substantive case information, and screens for income eligibility. The attorney will also determine whether the case is legally meritorious and has adequate cause for referral based on an analysis of a number of qualitative factors.

If you are a servicemember and would like to learn more about if you are eligible to receive these pro bono legal services please click here for more information.

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