From wood resin to gem wood – the magical transformations of cabochons

Bonsai is a real work of art, picturesque, exquisite and endowed with deep meaning. It is believed that it harmonizes the surrounding space, instills peace and tranquility in the soul, promotes serious thinking and meditation. Our online store is also ready to offer you such an interior accessory - only unique trees made of amber on web! The article will tell you more about these impressive things.

History and Symbolism - the secrets of miniature plants

In the East, there has long been a belief that fate depends on the environment. That is why it is so important to always have aesthetic, comfortable and useful items with you. And special importance is attached to flora - it accumulates positive energy, attracts wealth and luck, allows to achieve moral perfection, and satisfies the desire for beauty.

The embodiment of such a philosophy became bonsai (the word comes from two hieroglyphs that literally translate as "a plant on a tray"). They began to be grown in the III century. to n. e. in China, and in the VI-XII centuries. wandering monks taught this craft to the Japanese. As a result, it won the greatest recognition precisely in the Land of the Rising Sun: exquisite seedlings were admired at tea ceremonies, public holidays and even religious rituals - people who patiently cultivated the sprouts were identified with deities. The Taoists believed that such an occupation helps to rise to the realm of immortality, and the followers of the Buddha saw in small trees the personification of the one under whom their spiritual teacher attained enlightenment.

Дерево бонсай

In the 19th century, Europeans also learned about exotic fishing. The first bonsai demonstration took place in 1889 at the World Exhibition in Paris. Some visitors commented on them as "artificially and ugly disfigured", but as early as 1909, a whole pavilion with such plants appeared at the exposition in London. They were bought by aristocrats and capitalists to assemble panoramic landscapes, supplemented with toy houses, railways, figures of peasants and animals. Currently, organizations for the selection and distribution of miniature trees exist in many countries - they actively trade the fruits of their efforts, and the cost of one exclusive specimen can exceed millions of dollars!

Classification: types and styles of bonsai

The Japanese bonsai tree is not genetically a separate species - they use ordinary maples, oaks, azaleas, rhododendrons, junipers, pines, barberries, and ficus macrocarpa. They become dwarfs due to limiting the space for roots, careful grafting, pinching of buds, pruning, and modeling of branches. And the size of such plants varies from 2.5 cm (they are called "kesi-tsubu", that is, "little ones") to 1.5-2 m - "imperial".

There are different types of bonsai. They are classified by size:

Kesi-tsuba: up to 2.5 cm - tiny size;
Sieve: 2.5 - 7.5 cm - tiny size;
Gafu: 13 - 20 cm - tiny size;
Common: up to 18 cm - small size;
Myabi: 15 - 25 cm - small size;
Katade-mochi: up to 40 cm - medium size;
Katade-mochi: 40 - 60 cm - large size;
Omon: 76-120 cm - large size;
Bonju: more than a meter is a huge size.

Купити дерево бонсай

The goal of the gardener who works with bonsai is to get the most realistic and viable plant that will accurately imitate those found in the wild. However, at the same time as this task, attention is also paid to the exterior of the tree. So:

  • the triangular crown reminds of the sacred Buddhist mountain Sumeru and the balance between heaven, earth and man;
  • the round personifies the cup where wealth is stored;
  • the curved trunk symbolizes a brave struggle against difficulties and troubles;
  • blocks thrown between the roots - successfully overcome obstacles.

Specific plants also have their own interpretation - it is similar to what an amber tree means. So, you can choose the one that best suits your interests and needs! Here is a short list:

  • oak – an allegory of strength, courage and endurance;
  • a pine tree is a symbol of good health, perseverance, unfading happiness, the ability to distance oneself from everyday problems;
  • maple embodies tact, wisdom, greatness;
  • the spruce is a personification of self-sufficiency, freedom from other people's prejudices, self-confidence;
  • rhododendron – a symbol of feminine beauty, loyalty, passionate love and home comfort;
  • an apple tree will remind you of fertility, joy and eternal youth.

The miracle of stones is all about gem plants

Contemplating a beautiful bonsai of radiant red, orange, crimson, gold and cognac cabochons, it is easy to forget that the pieces of hardened resin are not only spectacular, but also endowed with unusual properties. This is what awaits you when you dare to purchase an amber tree:

Дерева з бурштину

  • natural gems will dispel negative emotions, prevent quarrels, dangers, deception and lies, drive away melancholy, sadness and apathy;
  • according to the science of feng shui, solar stones have a good effect on the financial situation - they help to increase wages, conclude profitable contracts, and accumulate money. The result will be even more noticeable if you place the thing in the southern or southeastern zone of the room;
  • hardened resin prevents diseases of the throat, lungs and respiratory tract, normalizes sleep, reduces anxiety, irritability, nervousness;
  • amber has always been revered as a family talisman - it supports ties between relatives, helps to find a caring and sincere life partner, protects parents and children.

In addition, a unique gem bonsai is an interesting accessory that fits perfectly into the decor. Discreet classicism, intricate baroque, modern minimalism or "scandi" - the thing will become the "highlight" of any decoration. But what ensures such versatility? The secret lies in the production process - an experienced craftsman carefully monitors all its stages, from the development of a sketch to the application of a special varnish that will protect the masterpiece from dust, moisture and photoaging (color changes due to ultraviolet radiation). The pitcher-stand, the configuration of the carved trunk, the whimsical bends of the branches, the color and location of the cabochons that make up the crown - every minute detail is taken into account. Thanks to this, the plant looks bright, believable and very attractive.

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